FOIL Business School

Training the trainers and the consultants. FOIL has designed the FOIL Management curriculum with the courses held by the FOIL Business School in its various venues. This is a program to train a new professional, the FOIL Instructor and Consultant, who in turn guarantees the quality of FOIL’s educational and consulting method.

The qualifications of this professional figure rest on three pillars: high-level skills with proven national and international experience in his or her area of expertise, knowledge of managerial and organizational psychology, ontopsychological methodology. The FOIL instructor and consultant is a driver of change in the global economy, thanks to a humanistic approach that regards the individual as someone who is attuned to the world that surrounds him and ready to be of service. 

The curriculum calls for two years of study (where oral and written tests are administered from time to time, and credits are earned) and a six-month internship at a company. The work performed will be described by the student in a final thesis. 

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