FOILservice is a company that was founded in Milan in 2001 to satisfy the training and consultancy needs of entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, managers and corporate senior executives in the economic but above all social dimension.

It is formed by a group of partners with consolidated professional experience gained both in Italy and abroad, and it has an in-depth expertise in managerial psychology, organizational psychology, as well as in the application of the up-stream analysis methodology to the areas of entrepreneurship and business intuition. In addition to training and consulting, FOILservice publishes specialized journals and books and organizes international events and conferences.

FOILservice has its headquartes in Marudo (LO), near Milan, Italy.
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How do entrepreneurial rationality and business intuition take shape? What determines success, the leader’s self-sabotage, loss, lack of focus, the aggressiveness of social and cultural, family, and political circumstances?
There is only one answer: the leader’s inner world.
Everybody knows it but nobody knows how to explain it. FOIL has placed this reality in a rational framework. It has developed a methodology to understand, and to systematize, the evolution and determinism of man’s inner world within the organization. This has resulted in an innovative body of knowledge that is highly beneficial to organizations as, given today’s economic and social complexity, understanding the working and development of human system is paramount.

The four points that differentiate FOIL

Business consulting and business training projects are carried out on the basis of the practical experience gained and the scientific research conducted in the light of the three discoveries of the ontopsychological methodology, to identify the root causes of all the business dynamics, interdependences and decisions.
All the classic and current economic methodology, combined with the new ontopsychological rationality, raises the level of awareness to such an extent as to enable the individual to translate intuition into practice successfully.
The three discoveries include: ontic In-itself (basic criterion that gives utilitarian-functional direction and logic to the individual), deflection monitor (distony in logical processes), and semantic field (basic information acting in the context’s external and internal dynamics). Another distinguishing feature is FOIL’s knowledge of the determinism’s of the person’s unconscious. The unconscious is always right.

What makes FOIL competitive is that, with this method, the diagnosis is performed in a short and defined period of time, making it possible to devise an adequate response. Depending on the size of the company, the accurate identification of the environmental dynamics may vary between one week and a maximum of one month. For this reason, some of the areas where FOIL is more effective include company restructurings, organizational culture and climate, elimination of organizational bottlenecks, optimization of time management, delegation to and motivation of subordinates.

The results of this methodology as applied to the economy have been tested for over twenty years. During this period, the relevant processes, developments and effects have been disseminated in a large number of publications, conferences and universities. The variety of the training and consulting engagements presented by economic or social area, by size of the organization (from small to large enterprises), and by geographic location (domestic and international) both in the private and public sector are witness to FOIL’s ability to meet any specific requirement that an organization might have.

FOIL relies on a group of successful professionals and entrepreneurs that have gained significant expertise in their fields and are themselves alumni of the FOIL training and consulting school. The role as instructors and consultants played by these successful professionals and entrepreneurs is indicative of an approach that fosters a degree of practicality that would not otherwise be possible. The training approach used by FOIL is based on a unique methodology that studies the interaction between the inner world and the company. That is why the courses are shaped in accordance with the lifelong learning method, aiming to introduce the concept of constant skill upgrading in the company’s culture.
Once this is achieved, individuals develop their intuition capabilities, improving their efficiency in their own professional, business, artistic, public and private milieus.


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